How I roll…

Rolling 200 surgical steel needles over your face doesn’t necessarily sound fun does it? Well let me tell you due to their precise nature it doesn’t hurt a bit and the results are MAGIC.


Derma rolling creates tiny punctures in your skin which encourages collagen production as the skin heals – making it tighter, smoother and even eradicating acne scars. The punctures also allow product to penetrate the skin more deeply and enhancing efficacy.

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 2.28.17 PM


It honestly works – look at my most recent photos for comparison – I have actually put weight on but my face shows a much firmer, smoother tone and tighter around my eyes, jawline and neck. I use my roller nightly followed by a capsule of the night renewing serum – it feels like liquid velvet on your skin! The crepiness on my décolletage from sun damage is gone too.

You can pay a small fortune at your dermatologist for treatment OR you can get yours here to use at home, and it comes with 60 ampules of the night renewing serum, plus cleaning tablets and vial, PLUS there is a full 60 day refund guarantee too! If you buy it with the Redefine regimen you can save yourself $100 here, or if sun damage is your problem you can buy it with the Reverse regimen here. A roller lasts a full year at least before it needs replacing. If you are outside the US and Canada message me and I can help get yours to you too! There’s a reason we’re number 1 in the skincare business here – OUR PRODUCTS WORK!

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